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Wedding at Merewood Hotel Windermere

What a stunning wedding venue in the heart of The Lake District National Park on the edge of Lake Windermere. Merewood Country House Hotel is slightly elevated of the main road which runs along side Lake Windermere. This gives stunning views over the lake and is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Wedding Portrait at Merewood Hotel, Windermere
Weddings at Merewood - Windermere

This is the wedding of Mr & Mrs Dearden which took place on a cold Tuesday in November 2023.

They wanted a small quiet wedding with only 15 wedding guests, perfect for a quiet intermit wedding in the Lake District.

Sunset at this time of the year in the UK is around 16:00 so before sitting down for their wedding breakfast we went off to do a sunset photo-shoot.

Merewood have the an amazing outdoor wedding ceremony location and the photo on the left as take where they do outdoor wedding ceremonies. The flower arch perfectly position looking out onto the lake.

Weddings at Merewood Hotel Windermere - The Staircase Photo....

The interior decor at The Merewood Hotel is dramatic and stunning. Below is the staircase photo I took of Mr & Mrs Dearden. Using the ambient light in the hotel coupled with some creative camera lighting you can get these dramatic wedding portraits.

The staircase photo at The Merewood Country House Hotel in Windermere
Weddings at Merewood - The Staircase Photo

Wedding Shoes or Wedding Boots??

Mrs Dearden decided wedding boots over wedding shoes given that their wedding was a November wedding, and they might have had cold, snow and ice to contend with on the day. A well thought out idea so I thought a photo of Mrs Dearden on the grand stairs showing off her nice white Converse Wedding Boots was a must.

Bridal portrait on the Grand Staircase at Merewood Country House Hotel in Windermere
Weddings at Merewood Country House Hotel

They didn't want any Bridal-prep photos but a few Bridal Portraits before walking down the aisle. Sat calmly on the grand stairs waiting to be called in and their wedding planner say "They are ready for you"

The staircase at Merewood Hotel, Windermere
Merewood Hotel Weddings
The mirror photo on the Grand staircase at Merewood Hotel, Windermere
Merewood Hotel Weddings

The Wedding Ceremony...

There are lots of different Wedding Ceremony rooms for you to choose from at Merewood Country House Hotel. Depending on the number of wedding guests, but might want the large wedding ceremony room but as Mr & Mrs Dearden were having a small intermit wedding they went for one of the smaller Wedding Ceremony rooms.

The wedding ceremony at Merewood Hotel, Windermere
Weddings at Merewood Hotel

The moment you walk into your wedding and see all your wedding guests for the first time. You look up and then see your future husband, Mr Dearden stood at the front next to his Best-man.

The emotion comes and you walk slowly up to the front.

The wedding ceremony at Merewood Country Hours Hotel, Windermere
Merewood Hotel Weddings in Windermere

The first look into each others eyes as you both take in the moment. Nerves soon vanish as you are now together and ready for your wedding day.

Everything has finally come together and all your wedding suppliers now will make sure you and your wedding guests will have the best day...

The First Kiss....

It all builds up to The First Kiss moment and then your wedding party stand and clap, emotions can then get the better of some people so tissues are the ready.

The first kiss at the ceremony at Merewood Country House Hotel, Lake District National Park, Cumbria
Weddings at Merewood Country House Hotel, Windermere

This is another room at The Merewood Country Hotel which looks amazing. It's the perfect place to come and take some time out. Mrs Dearden had such an amazing flowing wedding dress I thought I need to get a few photos showing this off. Stood in this amazing room with the tall ceiling and the amazing view of Catcalls mountain through the window is the perfect place to capture the wedding dress detail.

Bridal Portrait in the grand rooms at Merewood Hotel, Cumbria, Lake District National Park
Weddings at Merewood Hotel, Cumbria

Evening portrait session...

Weddings at Merewood Hotel, Windermere evening portrait sessions. With all my wedding couples, I always make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your wedding day with your wedding guests. It is not a photo-shoot so its important that your are there for your wedding guests as they have come to see you and enjoy the day with you both.

I therefore tend to split photo sessions up so you don't get photo'd out and tired of me. Having a small session during the day and then another small session in the evening works really well and also gets different types of photos for your full wedding gallery at the end.

The umbrella wedding portrait at Merewood Hotel, Cumbria.
Weddings at Merewood Hotel, Cumbria

The Umbrella portraits are great especially when you can get your wedding venue in the background. The stunning exterior is perfect for the Umbrella Photo at Merewood Hotel Windermere.

The umbrella wedding portrait photo at Merewood Hotel, Cumbria
Weddings at Merewood Country Hotel, Cumbria

Another example of the umbrella photo from a different location at Merewood. On your wedding day I always mix things up and move around your wedding venue to create different photos and a good mix of wedding photos for your wedding gallery.

Sunset Silhouette portrait at Merewood Country House Hotel, Windermere, Cumbria.
Weddings at Merewood Hotel, Lake District National Park

To finish off your wedding day with a sunset silhouette photo. This is back at the flower arch where they have the outdoor wedding ceremonies at Merewood Country House Hotel.

In November the sun sets at the back of Catbells Mountain just to the right hand side of the photo. There as a nice bit of clouds to catch the sunset colours in the sky.

Working at Merewood was amazing and such a nice wedding venue. The staff there were really helpful and couldn't do enough for me. Everywhere you look at this wedding venue I see photo opportunities, and sometimes you wish you had more time.

I am certainly looking forward to my next wedding here at Merewood Country House Hotel and working with the amazing staff there.

If you have any questions regarding this wedding venue and the photos here, please give me a call, email, or WhatsApp and I will do my best to help.

If you would like to check my availability for your wedding day then again please give me a call, email or WhatsApp and I will get back to you straight away.

Thank you for ready this and wish you all the best in your wedding planning!

Mark Stinchon - Wedding Photographer

07377 631 016


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