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Cake Smash photo-shoots

Do you have a 1st Birthday coming up and like a Cake Smash Photo-shoot at your own home?  This is quick and easy to set-up and as long as you have some hard flooring its easy to clear up afterwards.....

Birthday Cake Smash Photo-Shoot Burnley-05958.jpg
Birthday Cake Smash Photo-Shoot Burnley-05932.jpg
Birthday Cake Smash Photo-Shoot Burnley-05843.jpg
Birthday Cake Smash Photo-Shoot Burnley-05912-2.jpg
Birthday Cake Smash Photo-Shoot Burnley-05883.jpg

Pricing from £125

A cake smash is one of the best ways to celebrate, document and photograph your babies 1 year in your world.  The photos that you get you will all look back on in years to come to remember their first year.  

It's a precious time and it goes by so fast so capturing these moments is magical.  Your baby will find this super exciting and really engaging feeling the different textures and don't all babies love to get a bit messy??  

Book your appointment and I will set everything up in your own home, so there is nothing unsettling for your little ones.  All I would need is a space approx 4m x 4m with a hard floor.  I will provide all the following:

  • Backdrops

  • Props

  • Photography Lighting

You will need to provide the follow;

  • The cake

  • Your babies outfits

Cake Smash Gallery

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