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Smoke bombs for your weddings

So, you are planning your wedding and some people are suggesting to you why not get some smoke bombs? They will make for some awesome wedding photos....

That's a great idea, but here are a few things you need to know before you finally decide on using Smoke Bombs for your wedding photos.


Yeah, I know it’s not the most exciting way to start this blog, but it’s got to be said. Smoke bombs are a pyrotechnic, and even as an adult, you need to be careful. The ones you want, are the airsoft ones. They use cold smoke, which just means that the tubes are cooler. The smoke coming out is still hot, so make sure you always keep them a safe distance from yourself. There’s no way to stop them once they start, if you’ve had enough, just put them down and let them burn themselves out. You must do your research, there are useful videos on YouTube and the manufacturers have loads of safety advice and instructions of use, both on the side of the products and online. I’ve linked to a couple of useful pages below for you too. They are well worth a read.

Your Wedding Venue & Space

Not everyone is as happy about smoke bombs as we are. It goes without saying these should be used outdoors. We like to find a relatively sheltered, but open space to use. The smoke normally disappears within 3-5 mins however, this can differ dramatically due to space & environment. You’ll need to check that you’re venue is happy for you to use them and abide by the rules they place for them. If you’ve not got exclusive use of the venue, will it impact other guests? Think about where you are too if you’re in a city centre, or close to an airport of any size you probably can’t use them. Waterways also have rules, so worth checking into those too. They also don’t fit well with perfectly manicured lawns. If laid down, coloured smoke bombs can leave behind coloured stains and burn marks. If you don’t want the fire brigade coming to your wedding, don’t ignite or place around dry ground.

Speak with your wedding photographer

We’re easy to talk to and, it gives us time before the day to plan the shots. If you have an idea of how you want to incorporate smoke bombs into your pics (props, locations or inspiration pics) then let your photographer know. Safety will be a key point for most, so if you’re wanting to use them during your bridal party portraits, we can do these early on i.e. before alcohol! We’ll also be able to advise on where would be great, and if they aren’t allowed on-site, we can plan that into the day and take a drive for your couple portraits, where we can use them.

Do smoke bombs stain clothes?

Yes, they can. As the smoke in the product is made up of dyes. Most of the time, this staining happens as you ignite the flare or as it’s coming to an end and just chugging out the last of it. Being in the smoke cloud should be fine. When we use them, we normally ignite them and then hand them over for you to hold. We’ve had previous couples who are confident with using them ignite, hold and use without issues. It’s recommended to get some and have a practice. That way, you’ll know if they stain before your dressed in your finery!

How long to smoke bombs last?

Like most great things, they are short and sweet. The ones we recommend burn for approximately 90 seconds and produce an awesome smoke cloud.

Can we use smoke bombs at night?

Yes! We love doing this, as the effect can be REALLY cool. Good backlighting is key though!

Unfortunately, due to insurances, we can’t supply these for you anymore. Instead, we’ll give you the lowdown on where and what to buy.

We really recommend using the Enola Gaye WP40. Tried and tested by many & the favoured brand of photographers. The ring pull smoke grenades burn cool, the smoke is non-toxic, and the body is fully biodegradable. You can buy them directly from their website, or on Airsoft World It’s worth getting a few of each colour, so you know you have a few tries if needed.

However, you choose to use them, just remember to have fun.

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