Wedding Photography Plans

There are plenty of things to think about when you are planning your wedding and wedding photography is just one small part, yet it is very important.  When you book your wedding photography with Mark Stinchon Photography we take all the headaches and worry of planning the photos away from you so you can enjoy your big day together with your family and friends.  

When you book your wedding day photos with Mark Stinchon Photography even if you book the smallest photography package at £350, you will still get all the pre-wedding photography planning as follows;

  • The Weather
    With being in England, we can expect all different sorts of weather and the summertime is no different.  This is why we put together a fully weather plan for the day, location and timings etc.  This is by no means a strict plan that we need to stick with on the day, but just a focus on what we can do should the weather make a turn for the worse.  With this we will have contingency plans in place if for example there is a big storm on the day.  

  • Pre-Wedding Meeting
    These meetings are very important when it comes to planning your wedding photography.  It gives me a chance to get to know what it is you are wanting to capture of the day, they style that will work best for your wedding and also to get to know you.  This meeting is best taking place just a few weeks before the wedding day itself, so that there is less chance of anything changing.  Don't forget that I am always at the end of the phone if you need to ask anything or if anything does change.  

  • The Church
    When you know the church or location where you are getting married, I will then be able to start making the Wedding Photography Plans.  I will plan the best places for photos both inside and outside as well as contingency plans if the weather makes a turn for the worse.

  • The Wedding Venue
    I always keep myself aware of any changes that are happening at the local wedding venues, but it is always good to visit your wedding venue prior to your big Wedding Day to that I can take into account any changes to the building and decor.  This way there are no surprises on the day and then having to make things up as we go along.  There will also be a contingency plan in place for the Wedding Venue regarding the photography locations given various situations.  

  • The Detailed Wedding Photos
    I always like to get to the Wedding Venue while there is nobody there or quickly pop into the Wedding Reception Room while the guests are having cocktails to get some nice Wedding Day Photos showing all the Wedding Decorations off and the Table Decorations.  These are some elements of the day that you might forget in years to come when you are looking back.  These types of photos always work well if you want to get a Wedding Album done, which I can do for you just let me know.