Winter Photography in Burnley

Today 28th December 2020 saw our first snowfall in Burnley this winter. I decided to get up early and get out with the camera to capture the bleak winter landscape on the hills surrounding Burnley.

I live on this hills heading out of Burnley towards Widdop Reservoir so, the snow around our house was quiet significant. Having lived in this area all my life I know what the snowfall can be very localised so I headed out with a few places in mind around the Burnley area which I thought would make for some good Winter Landscape Photos of Burnley.

My first location was Townley Hall in the centre of Burnley, however when I arrived at approx. 7am there was no snow at all!

I therefore then went to my second location which was the Singing Ringing Tree at Crown Point which is at the top of the hills between Rossendale Valley and Burnley. I knew I would be guaranteed snowy conditions there, but by concern was would there be too much snow?

I headed out over up onto Crown Point from Manchester Road and the conditions were perfect. The cloud was rolling in which made for some really misty and ethereal feel for the images I was wanting to capture. I above image was taken that morning and you can see the bleakness of the location and I wanted to capture the bitter cold feel of that morning. There was nobody else daft enough to venture out that morning to the Singing Ringing Tree so there was just myself and Micky (my Minatare Poodle) to roam around.

Ethereal Winter Landscape at The Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley, Lancashire...

24mm | f/8 | 0.8 sec | ISO 100

This image is probably my favourite photo from that morning photo-shoot. It reflects the calm, quite and bitter cold I experienced on location. This is the main footpath from the car park at Crown Point leading down to the Singing Ringing Tree. I love the darks from the grass and the fence posts contrasting against the bright white snow and ice. The fence leads the eye through the image on the diagonal up to the Singing Ringing Tree in the background which is almost being washed out due to the cloud and mist that kept rolling through the landscape.

All the photos were taken between 07.30am and 08.00am just before sunrise which at this time of the year is around 08.30am. The blanketing cloud around Crown Point was too thick for the sunrise to make any impact on the Landscape and I felt that if the sun has come through the cloud it would take away the cold feeling from the images.

Winter at Burnley Singing Ringing Tree Photo Gallery

I therefore called it a day and headed back home to start editing the photos. I will shortly have some of these photos available to print or download from my website so please keep an look out for this on my social media channels and website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and hope it has in some way inspired you to get out there with the camera and start taking some Landscape Photos of your own.

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