Weddings in England No Longer Limited to 30 Guests From 21st June 2021

Yesterday evening the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that weddings in England will return from 21st June. This means that more than 30 guest are allowed at weddings, but will need to be socially-distanced.

If you are worried about your upcoming wedding and are not sure if you can go ahead with the numbers you have planned then all this will depend on how social distant you can be at your wedding venue. Similar policies are adopted in Wales and Northern Ireland.

What does Social Distant Mean?

Wedding venues will need to make sure that all wedding guests will need to be socially-distant throughout using the 1 meter plus rule. This is great news for the wedding industry as this means that larger weddings can go ahead from the 21st June 2021.

There will be more details to follow, but there will be some restrictions moving forward, such as no dancing indoors and wearing face coverings.

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