Will wedding restrictions be lifted on 21st June in England?

This is the big question that everyone is asking. All is hinging around Boris Johnson making a decision based on the coronavirus data. We should have had an update from the UK Government on 29th May but this has been delayed until 14th June. This only gives businesses one week to prepare for full opening and the end to all the social restrictions.

Rumours are that even if there is a delay to the 21st June unlocking, weddings will not be effected. At the moment, weddings can only take place with a maximum of 30 guests. However, even if there is a delay to the 21st June unlocking in England the cap on 30 wedding guests will be removed despite any delay.

The impact that the coronavirus lockdowns have had on the wedding industry is massive. Below you will see the cost per week to the wedding industry, if we do no reopen on 21st June.

What does this mean for Wedding Photographers?

It has had a huge impact on wedding photographer throughout Lancashire and the UK leaving wedding photographers without an income or worse having to refund wedding couples their deposit for their wedding photography.

Luckily, many wedding photographers are very creative in their thinking and have managed to quickly change and adopt other forms of income in order for them to continue doing what they love. Taking up different types of photography, such as product photography or commercial photography has been the main way photographers have progress over the past twelve months. Some will have taken the time to add or enhance their skill set or learn other photography techniques that they would not normally have time to do.

Broadening the scope of photography services gives some security to income if another global pandemic happens again.

How has wedding photography changed since the Coronavirus Pandemic?

There are many different changes which have happened to the wedding photography and the wedding sector as a whole. A lot of wedding photographers have put in place a coronavirus clause into their wedding photography contracts which allows flexibility to their wedding couples should another national coronavirus lockdown happen again.

In more practical changes to your wedding day and your wedding photography you will not really notice anything different apart from having to wear face coverings, frequent hand sanitation and social distancing. As we slowly unlock, these will have a reduced impact on your wedding day, however these could be in place for the foreseeable future until the majority of the whole world has been vaccinated.

Wedding venues are asking wedding photographers to have a Coronavirus Risk Assessment which they need to have prior to the wedding day.

Are smaller weddings going to be the norm in the future?

Large traditional weddings are the dreams of some couples however, this might have changed as couples are having to have smaller more intermit weddings of no more than 30 guests. But is this the future of the wedding industry? Personally I think this is the levelling out of large and small weddings with the majority of people opting for smaller, elopement style wedding days. There will always be the couples who want a big glamourous wedding day with lots of family and friends. Some couples will feel the pressure of having a large wedding, but not that smaller elopement style weddings are more acceptable this is what I think a large percentage of wedding couples will go for moving forward into 2022 and 2023.

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Here is a recent wedding which was restricted to a maximum of 30 guests at Well Being Farm near Bolton, Lancashire.

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