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Hello to all who have come along to read this Photography Blog post. As we are all in Lockdown around the world and I know all you photographers will be itching to get out there into the countryside to take your landscape photos. There will be plenty of time for that in the future but at the moment we need to stay home and stay safe from the Coronavirus pandemic.

As countries all around the world have closed their boarders and insisted that people stay at home, as photographers we need to get that creative flare going. In the UK we are allowed out of the house for one hour per day for exercise. This is a good opportunity to bring your camera with you when you go out for a walk.

Take you Camera with you! I have never really thought much about the immediate location of our house as a location for some landscape photography, but it has really opened my eyes to what is right on my door step. At the back of our house we have some of the best views of Pendle Hill and the surrounding areas. This view is great at sunset and also at sunrise for Landscape Photography. As the sun rises up over the Yorkshire Moors, Pendle Hill is the first to catch the sunrise glow and really stands out from the dark valley below.

The image on the left is the view of Pendle Hill from the top of Burnley at Sunrise. This particular morning was a clear sky and a cold frosty start which is great to catch the morning sunrise as the air is very clear. Pendle Hill stands out in the Landscape and you can see it for miles. Without lockdown, I would never really think about taking my camera up into the fields at the back of the house to capture the Sunrise. In the evening at this time of year the sunsets behind Pendle Hill just to the left hand side of the image above. This location is also great for those Sunset Landscape Photos too, especially at this time of year when the air is cool and clear.

Night Photography...

During lockdown, I have also been looking at night photography. I have never really done any night photography before and I thought I would have a go at photographing the Milky Way from my back garden. I did some research as I didn't have a clue about where the Milky Way would be and what the best time would be to see it. All the night photographers out there seem to like the app, Photo Pills which is great to see where the Milky Way is going to be and at what time. I therefore downloaded the app straight away, you do need to pay a small subscription to get full use of the app which I did and the app is great. Not only is it great for Night Photography, but I will use it with all my photography moving forward.

My first attempt at the Milky Way from my back garden

Clear Outside...

While researching how to find the Milky Way and How to photography the Milky Way, I also came across another app which is great for knowing how much cloud is going to be about in the sky at certain times of the day. This is a crucial app if you are wanting to photograph the Milky Way as you will most certainly need a clear sky. If there is any cloud in the sky, it will bounce light and you will not be able to see the Milky Way in your Photographs.

Sunset & Sunrise Photography....

When taking photographs of the sunset and sunrise, you will want some clouds in the sky, but not too much. The Clear Outside app works great for this too. The app tells you what sort of clouds are going to be around at sunrise and sunset so you can then carefully plan your sunset and sunrise photography trips.

When doing Sunrise and Sunset Photos, you are wanting some high clouds as these will be to ones that create those night orange glows at sunrise and the orange, purples at sunset. If you have low cloud this tends to block out the sunset and then you are left feeling unhappy that you have made the effort to get out to location in time only to find the low cloud has spoilt your Sunset Landscape Photos.

Lockdown Photography continues...

As we continue with the Lockdown for the foreseeable future, I challenge everyone to be creative and look at what is on your door step and get creative with your photography. All the images above in this photography blog were taken during the Coronavirus Lockdown from my back garden. I have certainly learnt a lot in the last 5 weeks of lockdown with regards to photography and certainly night photography and the Milky Way. I have plenty of ideas for when the lockdown is over and we are back to some normality, but in the meantime keep learning and being creative with what is around us.

Wish you all well and keep safe.

Mark Stinchon

Mark Stinchon Photography

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