Plover Scar Lighthouse Photography 

This weekend was a very windy weekend, so the plan was to head over to the seaside and see what photos we could get. I was hoping to get some dramatic seascapes with big waves.

We went to Plover Scar Lighthouse which is a small lighthouse set out in the Morecambe Bay Estuary. At low tide you can walk right out to the lighthouse as it was low tide when we arrived. The sea was wrapping around the foot of the Lighthouse so we didnt venture all the way to it. Instead I decided to take some misty and mysterious photos with the sea spray creating a nice haze.

Using a slow shutter made the sea smooth and the misty haze in the image. The issue that I had was with the wind. As it was so windy I had to keep the tripod as stable as possible, so therefore my only option was to keep the camera low and use the weight of my camera bag to help stabilise the camera.

This was still difficult to get any really nice shape images. You can see below the results I managed to get.

After being battered by the wind at Plover Scar Lighthouse we stopped by Glasson Docks to see what was going on over there. Pretty much nothing was happening apart from some people fishing in the harbour.

I managed to get an image of a small fishing boat anchored in the sea. The wind was still very strong but I managed to keep the tripod secure and stable. You can see the image below;

Overall se enjoyed our walk at Plover Scar Lighthouse and will definitely return when the weather improves.

I welcome your comments and I will look forward to our next adventure.

Mark Stinchon

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