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I am a Landscape Photographer from Burnley in Lancashire. This year has been a very strange year and one that we will not forgot. When the Coronavirus Pandemic hit back in March 2020, the UK went into a national lockdown, businesses we forced to close their doors and the breaks were put on UK economy. People we told to stay at home and not to travel and only leave your home for 1 hour of exercise and to go for essential food shopping. People worked from home and millions of people were forced into furlough until the economy can open up again.

As a landscape photographer this forced me into keeping local instead of travelling around the UK and the world to Photograph epic landscapes. At first I was shocked and didn't really feel the want to get out there, but when I did it opened my eyes to what is on my door step.

Here is a list of some of my favourite locations in Lancashire and around the Burnley area.


Located close to Burnley in a little village called Hurstwood there is a nice big car park and offers great walks up through Hurstwood Forest and up onto Hurstwood Reservoir. From here you can walk all around Hurstwood Reservoir and even continue on for a longer walk to Gorple Reservoir and onto Widdop Reservoir.


One of Burnley attractions that overlooks the whole of Burnley Town and the surrounding areas along the M65 corridor. Situated at Crown Point on the moors, it is very exposed to the elements here. There is a small car park and a short walk to the Singing Ringing Tree. There are plenty of other walks from this location, including a nice walk over to Hamilton Hill over towards Rossendale.

Rowley Woods & Lake

Burnley has so many great places to go for a walk, hike and make sure you bring your camera with you. Rowley Lake and Woods in Burnley is a very picturesque locations and offers itself to some stunning sunrise and sunset photos. There is a nice car park and from there the paths are all accessible with various walks around the area.


Popular with rock climbers and bouldering as there are some great rock formations at Widdop. These are located on the hillside that overlooks Widdop Reservoir. Get high up on the cliff to get some stunning sunset photos. Nice big car park and all easily accessible from here.

Gawthorpe Hall Estate

Gawthorpe Hall is a stunning National Trust site with some great walks through the woodlands. The car park is large and all the paths are easy accessible from here. Popular with dog walkers too.

Townley Hall

Townley Hall is Burnley largest Hall and the grounds extend through some accent woodlands. In the woodland walks you will see the oldest oak tree in Lancashire. The Hall itself is popular for weddings and events so the property is great for pictures.

The Halo

Located over the hill from Burnley towards Rossendale, The Halo is positioned high up on the hill over looking the whole Rossendal Valley. The road up to The Halo is narrow and in winter can be tricky certainly when frosty and icy. A great location for both sunrise and sunset.

The Trough of Bowland

The Trough of Bowland is said to be the path Alice Nutter took to Lancaster and is quite remote. Walking along the river you get some stunning views through the trough of Bowland. There is also a nice building by the river which is nice to stop for a bite to eat.

The Atom

Located over in Colne, Lancashire. The Atom is positioned on the side of the hill with great views through Pendle Valley with Pendle Hill in the background.

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