Great Gable from Wast Water

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The landscape of Great Gable and the surrounding fells of Green End and Scarfell Pike are instantly identifiable. The below image is the view from the to of Great Gable looking out towards Wast Water Lake.

Wast water lake is the deepest lake in England at 79m (258ft) deep. The lake is set in the valley of Wasdale with dramatic steep fells on all sides. The fell surrounding Wast Water are some of the tallest mountains in England, including the tallest which is Scarfell Pike at 978m above sea level.

When you drive into the Wasdale Valley and along the side of Wast Water you a greeted with the huge domineering view of Great Gable at the far end of the lake. Wast Water Lake is a great place to visit with plenty of places to park up and relax down by the water. There is a National Trust car park located at the far end of Wast Water towards Wastdale Head. This car park is great to start the hike up Great Gable, Scarfell Pike and all the other surrounding fells such as Great End. You also have a nice walk down to the waters edge of Wast Water where you can relax and enjoy the dramatic landscape views.

The Lake District National Park has some of the best locations for Photography in England. The fells in this area of the Lake District are very steep and rocky which can sometimes be hard to walk over depending on the weather. It is also a very exposed part of the Lake District with views out to the Irish Sea from the top of Great Gable and the surrounding mountains.

Styhead Tarn

This is the view of Styhead Tarn which you will walk past on the way up to the top of Great Gable and Scarfell Pike. In the distance you can see the Barrowdale valley of The Lake District. This is the main junction from which you split off to go up to Great Gable or Green End and then onto Scrfell Pike. On the way up to Green End, you will also pass another Tarn called Sprinkling Tarn which you can see from Great Gable.

There are plenty of Sheep and Lambs on the fells in the Lake District so if you are wanting to take your dog with you on the walks you will need to keep them on lead. The Sheep do hide behind rocks and in ditches to get out of the wind so they can surprise you at times.

Photography in the Lake District is good in all the seasons of the year and you can expect any weather on the day. Even in June the weather at the top of Great Gable so Sunny, Windy and Snowy at times. With the changeable weather conditions you know that you just have to wait and the scenery will reveal itself to you for a great Landscape Photo.

Wast Water & Wastdale Valley

The Landscape Photo below shows the whole of the Wasdale Valley looking out from the top of Great Gable. You can see the landscape flow straight out to the Irish Sea and coastline.

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