Family Portrait Photography

Family Portrait Photography is a great way to capture some precious memories with all the family together. These Family Portrait Photos can then be printed and framed to be put on the wall in your house. Time flies and it is important that these moments in time are captured. There are many different ways of taking Family Portraits.

Studio Photography

You can book in with me at our Photography Studio where we can set up your Family Portrait images with various different backgrounds and props. You can book in with just 1-hour Family Photography Session for just £100 which includes five prints. The Studio Photography is a nice place where everyone can meet up in a relaxed environment and create some timeless family photos you can share with family and friends around the world.

The other option for Family Portrait Photography is out on location. This is where we meet up at a location to take some group family photos. These give a different feel and a more natural environment. This is dependent on the weather. Some of the best times for these on location family portrait photos is during the evening at Golden Hour or Sunset as the lighting is nice and soft. Overcast cloudy days also work really well as the clouds disperse the natural light without creating any harsh shadows.

Winter is a great time to get out on location for a family portrait photo-shoot. During winter, you get some really nice clear days with some amazing sunsets. Snowy Family Portrait Images work really well also and this adds a nice feeling to the image and tells a story.

Family Christmas Cards

The trend on Family Portrait Photos are going away from the staged poses that you might immediately think of when you think of family portrait photos. These are generally taken in a photography studio environment with perfect lighting and maybe a bright white background.

If you want some modern and timeless family portraits, the I would certainly suggest doing a mixture on Studio Photography and On Location Photography. This way, you will get the traditional, clean, white family portrait image plus you will also get some nice environmental family photos. These area great to be within your local area and a place that your family instantly recognise.

Locations for Family Portrait Photos

There are plenty of different locations to think of when you are looking at on-location family portrait photo-shoot. If you live in a rural location, then I would consider a local forest, or fell that you can get all the family to. You will need to consider this carefully as some members of the family may not be able to get there easily. If you live in a more city environment then you can think of some iconic city landmarks or some parks and gardens that are close to home. The problem with famous city landmarks is that there will normally be a lot of people in the area which certainly needs to be considered when choosing your location.

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