Engagement Photo-Shoot Tips

Engagement photo-shoots are an important part that makes up the whole wedding story. Investing in an Engagement Photo-Shoot is a great start to your whole wedding day photo collection. There are a few things that you should know when planning your engagement shoot.

1. Where should we have the engagement shoot?

Location is very important when planning your photo-shoot. Consider the light at the location and the time of day you want to be there. Generally, sunset and golden hour are the best times to do your shoot as the light is very soft and complements skin tones. You can shoot at midday, however you will just need to make sure there is plenty of shaded areas to use. Taking portrait photos in direct harsh sunshine makes people squint and scrunch up their faces in a way that is not flattering. You do not need to have the engagement shoot at the actual location where he or she proposed, but could be a place that is special to you both. Above is an images taken from a winter engagement shoot in a country park. Country Parks are a great way to start and can offer some great locations to shoot some portraits.

2. What should I wear to my Engagement Shoot?

Planning what you are going to wear for you engagement shoot needs to be carefully considered. Try and keep colours simple and use colours that compliment each other. A blue suit works well with a red dress a general example. You should also consider the location when you are choosing what to wear on your engagement shoot. For example, if you are going into a woodland setting that is full of greenery, then try and go with more contrasting colours to the surrounds.

3. What makes a good Engagement Shoot location?

Lakes, Woodland and Country Parks work really well. Also city centre locations also work really well, but it just depends on what you are wanting from your engagement shoot. Beach locations are great locations for an engagement shoot or any photo-shoot for that matter. When looking for a beach location, try and get a beach on the west coast as this is where you will get the best light at sunset.

4. Having an engagement shoot feels awkward.

Some people do feel strange having their photo taken in public, however from all my experience this doesn't last long. The first 10 minutes is when you will feel most awkward, but after that it will all flow really well and you will not feel awkward.

5. How long will an Engagement Shoot take?

Engagement photo-shoots don't need to take that long and can be as short as 30 minutes. Most people will be a 1-hour shoot as this will allow for more locations and variety within the photo collection.

6. How much should I pay for an Engagement photo-shoot?

The price you pay for your engagement shoot will depend your location, the length of shoot you are wanting and if you are wanting to have prints included within the price. Most people would not want to include prints into the package and normally wait until they see the collection of images before they want to get some prints. The average price for an engagement photo-shoot would be £100 in the north of UK which would included a 1-hour shoot at a local location.

Below is a gallery of an engagement shoot I did during winter time.

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