Deanclough Reservoir Landscape Photography

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I have always wanted to visit Deanclough Reservoir and this last week I managed to get there

for the first time. The weather was very stormy, wet and windy so not the ideal conditions for landscape photography, but you can be surprised at what you can get with the dramatic skies, unique colours and textures in the images.

This photo was one of the first images that I took when Deanclough came into view.

The tree forms the foreground interest while Deanclough Reservoir forms the mid-ground and the woodland, hillside and the sky form the background to the image.

It is a nice, easy walk around Deanclough Reservoir with some nice scenery. You can park on a big laybay on the side of the road and it is just a short walk through two fields leading down to Deanclough Reservoir. Once down at the Reservoir there is a nice footpath leading all the way around.

When I arrived at Deanclough Reservoir it was not raining and I had planned to get a slow shutter image similar to the image on the left, however as soon as I get set up the rain came in. The rain therefore disturbed the surface of the water which does work well for slow shutter image. I was hoping to get a nice smooth mirror surface on the water which would give a perfect reflection of the woodland in the water. You can see from the image that the rain spoilt the image and made it blurry. The rain never stopped so I will need to make a trip back over to Deanclough another day.

This image on the right would also be a nice image to get with a slow shutter. This would smooth the water out and create a very nice moody photo. With this image, the wind was moving the grass in the foreground which would become blurry with a slow shutter. I will therefore need to go back to Deanclough again to get the slow shutter image of this one when the weather conditions are better.

Landscape photography is a very hit and miss process and you have to work with the conditions on the day you are there. As Deanclough Reservoir is close to where I live, I can soon pop back over when the conditions are better, but for some locations this is not possible and can be very annoying when you have spent a long time travelling to location.

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