Burnley Sunrise Photography

During the #StayatHome Coronavirus Pandemic situation there are limitations as to where you can go and what you can photograph. This therefore forces you to look what you have around you at home. You don't always see what is right on your door step until something forces you into doing something different.

Pendle Hill at Sunrise taken on 5th April 2020

This is an image I got on that early morning walk. I headed out into the dark and walked up to the top of the field from my house and waited for the sun to rise. The sky was clear and I was just waiting for the moment when the rising sun hit the side of Pendle Hill and made it shine. It was going to be a warm day, so I was hoping that any heat haze would stay away until I got the shot. The landscape looks like it could be from the Mars with those colours from the rising sun. The time soon passed and it was bright sunshine and ready to head home for a brew.

I took three exposures to get this image and focus stacked them in Photoshop.

My Camera Gear for this image;

Camera - Sony A7 (Mark 1)

Lens - Sony 70-200mm G F4

Edited in - Lightroom & Photoshop

Tripod - Manfrotto (one of the cheaper ones as I don't like using them much)

Photo taken and Edited by - Mark Stinchon

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