An Epic Sunset Photo-Shoot with Georgi

I did a sunset photo-shoot with the amazing Georgi from Burnley.

This is the second time I have worked with Georgi to create some portfolio images. This time we decided that a sunset shoot would work really well. Everything worked perfectly on this Sunday evening at Widdop Reservoir. We started at 18:00 and we were there until the sun dropped behind the hills in the distance.

I decided that Widdop would be a great location as there are some great rock formations which we could use. They are also elevated up on the hillside giving some nice back drops to the portraits.

The light coming through the valley and over Widdop Reservoir was probably the best we could have hoped for. There was very little wind and warm.

Goddox AD200 Speed Light To capture these images, I used the Goddox AD200 Speed Light with a 32" Soft Box. I colour graded the speed light with a MagMod 1/2 CTO gel. This warmed the light up coming out of the speed light which matched the sunset light in the background. Thankfully there was very little wind, which allowed me to easily set-up the speed light and soft box without it falling over.

Sony A7R4 - 61 Mega Pixel Camera

The camera I used for this shoot with Georgi was the Sony A7R4 full frame. It is the latest in the A7 Series of cameras from Sony which is a huge 61 mega pixel full frame sensor. This is the most resolution full frame sensor on the market at the moment and Sony is really leading the way when it comes to mirrorless systems.

Here is an example of how powerful the Goddox AD200 Speed Light is against the sun light. In the image below, I exposed the camera with the AD200 switched off and just exposed for the background. Once exposed for the background, I then switch on the AD200 Speed light and balanced out the lighting on Georgi. I then added some warmth to the speed light with adding the MagMod 1/2 CTO gel to the front of the light.

Planning a photo-shoot does take a lot of time and research. It is also good to have visited the location prior to the shoot date and see where the light is, which will help you decide on when the best time of day is to hold the shoot. Knowing the suns position is also crucial in planning.

Photo Pills

This is an app I use to help with planning a photo-shoot. You can pick your location and put in the time and date you are wanting to do the photo-shoot and it will show you the position of the sun at that particular time of the date. The app does a lot more than just this but is a great tool when planning shoots.

Below is a few images from the photo-shoot with Georgi.

Georgi also has a YouTube Channel for her modelling so it would be great to give her a follow there as well as on Instagram. See the links below;

Georgi YouTube Channel

Mark Stinchon

Wedding & Landscape Photographer

Burnley, Lancashire

07377 631 016

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