The importance of the Wedding Photographer

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life and capturing those special moments throughout the day with you and all your family and friends is also very important.  It is these photos that you will look back on in years to come to remember the magical day.  Having the right photographer for you and the confidence that they will capture those special moments for you so that you will have peace of mind and able to just enjoy the day.  

I also meet up with you prior to the wedding to discuss the details and to find out what is important to you.  Having a list of those "Must Have Shots" is important which is another reason why we have these pre-wedding meetings.  From this meeting, I will ask questions which will give me some creative ideas for your wedding day photos.  

With the location booked and the wedding date set, I then go to the venue and spend some time there looking at different locations to get those special photos that will last a lifetime.  It also gives me a chance to see if the venue is planning any changes to the venue for the wedding day.  The last thing you want on the big day is a big surprise.  For example, you don't want to turn up on the wedding day and find there is a lot of work going on in the gardens or they have dismantled the nice garden gazebo.  It is all these fine details that is planned in prior your big wedding day, so that on the day it is enjoyable and stress free.  

What to expect from your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer can be a big task and there are a lot of wedding photographers to choose from, all with there own style.  Like with most things in life, preparation and planning is very important as on the big day things change, the environment is different, there are lots of people rushing around and it is important that your wedding photographer stays calm and is there to keep everyone feeling comfortable and confident.  

Meeting with couples who are getting married I find out that everyone wants those special canned moments of the bride getting ready and the pre-wedding excitement.  The group photos with all the wedding party together at the wedding venue before the big wedding party starts and after a lot of the wedding formalities.  Preparation for the group photos is key for having the day running smoothly as the Wedding Group Photos can take the most time while a lot of people are waiting around.  It is also a good idea to choose a few different locations for these and also have a plan if on the day the weather has taken a turn for the worse rending some locations not possible.  

As good as photography equipment is, there are times where it just decides not to work and these times are generally at important times.  This is why I always bring back-up equipment for the day as well as lighting just in-case we have to take photos inside due to the weather.  Although using studio lighting is not the best on wedding photos as it is important to keep the feeling that you have created with the wedding decorations, the lighting is there as a last resort.  

Lancashire Wedding Photographer Questions

1.   Do you travel further afield than Lancashire and Great Manchester for Weddings?

Yes I do travel anywhere in the world to photograph your wedding.  The prices that you see on the website for wedding packages 1,2 & 3 are priced for weddings within Lancashire and Greater Manchester.  If you are just outside this area, then please give me a call and I will see what I can do with the price for you. 

2.   How do you travel to the wedding?

I drive to your wedding venue myself in my own car.  I therefore do not drink alcohol throughout the day as I am working and also will need to drive home with all the camera equipment after your wedding.   

3.   Do you offer Wedding Albums and Prints from the wedding day?


Yes i do offer prints and wedding photo albums for you from your wedding day.  This is not included in any of the wedding photography packages that you see on the website, but I can get you full quotes for prints during our initial conversations.  The wedding album will depend on exactly what you are wanting from this and how many pages you would be looking to have.  

4.   Do you offer wedding video service of the wedding day?


At the moment I do not offer a wedding video service but in the future this is something that I would be looking at doing.  If you want this, then please give me a call as do work with other people who can offer you a wedding video service on the day.  

5.   What happens if you can not make it on the day due to unforeseen circumstances? 


Up to now this has never happened, however this is not to say it would not happen in the future.  I therefore do work  with other photographers locally who would be there as a back-up if this does happen.  Therefore you should not need to worry about this as I would make sure you will have a photographer on the day.  

6.   What happens if your camera equipment fails? 


Camera equipment can fail and I therefore make sure that I have a back-up camera with me on the day if this does happen.  You will therefore not have to worry about this on your wedding day.  

7.   What to you wear to the wedding on the day?


As a photographer, it is my job to be there on the day but not be part of the wedding ceremony and also not to get in the way of the wedding ceremony.  I therefore try my best to keep myself out of the way during the wedding ceremony.  I therefore wear a suit to the wedding which is either, blue, grey or black.  

8.   What are Elopement Weddings?


Elopements have become extremely popular in the last few years and for good reason! The typical wedding days events can be too much for some couples and the pressure to create a memorable event for hundreds of guests, as well as the costs can be too much.

It’s a much more relaxed idea to go somewhere amazing with your partner, (or maybe have a few guests for support!) and get married on your own terms. Less stress, less pressure and is a more intimate day.

9.  What is the price of an Elopement Wedding?

Considering a UK wedding now comes in at an average of £32,273, an elopement could save you a lot of money.  An elopement in Gretna Green can start from as little as £195 for the ceremony; a pop-up wedding in the UK from £3,300.