The Camera Gear I use

Sony A7R4 - Full Frame 61 Mega Pixels

The Sony A7R4 is the latest camera from Sony in their A7 Full Frame line-up.  It has a massive 61 Mega Pixel Full Frame Sensor. 

Sony A7 - Full Frame 24 Mega Pixels

This is a solid camera which I use for wide angle shots and also is there as a back-up camera as and when needed.  

Goddox AD200 Speed Light

The Goddox AD200 Speed Light is a perfect lightweight powerful flash.  Ideal for weddings when you need to quickly set-up an Off Camera Flash.  It is 2000 watts of power is enough to over power the sun even when shooting at midday.

Goddox TT350 

The Goddox TT350 is perfectly paird with the AD200.  It can be used on the camera and off camera.  

Soft Boxes

Soft boxes are always good to have in the car ready for when you need them.  Quick and easy to set-up and work perfectly with the AD200 and TT350

MagMod System

The MagMod is a system for modifying the lighting set-up.  It is a great system designed for quick and easy change over as it uses magnets.  This is a great way to put modifers onto the end of the AD200 and TT350 Speed Lights.